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About Vidya App –

You people have come here on the website, all of you will be taught how you will be able to run here and if you people want to earn money, then today I am going to tell you people how to make money. You will earn and I am going to give complete information to you people through this app and I will remove you completely. Unless I use an app myself, I don’t post a review on my site, when I like it, we bring it to our site, otherwise I return it

About the author of the post –

Friends, you must be thinking somewhere that for so many days I am reading the post or who is writing the post, then we would like to tell something about yourself to all of you guys today, my name is Karthik and you are watching Website: Here we give you the best posts every day, with the help of which you are able to do the best people and you people can get some idea how I want to earn money. If I would like to tell that you people can earn so much money then there is no limit, thousands of you can get money from here every day, but you just have to work hard, hard work is yours and there is someone else who gives you the fruits, you have to work continuously. keep doing don’t give up

Vidya 22 Your Review –

In Disawar, you will be told that how to use this application in your phone, how to use it in computer and how you people have to earn money in this and if you come like this, then how will you get full information in this article. I am about to remove, so go and read the heading which you are seeing below and we have given complete information to you people so that you people will also understand how to do what because you have to do all the work. Yes, I only need to tell you, let me tell you, whatever else you have to do, you will have to do everything.

How many MB is the application?

The size of this application is very normal, you can install it in your phone in a very easy way, the size of this application is about 45 MB and if you talk about its rating, then it is about 3.6, rest you are a normal app. Through this you people have no limit how much money you can earn, if you work hard, then we will say that you will be able to withdraw about 2 to ₹ 3000 per day from this app, the rest of the hard work is up to you. You work so hard because without hard work you people know that nowadays no one gives even a single roti, this application is going to give you money here.

How to get the earned amount –

You can take it very easily from the earned night, you have your Paytm Wallet, then you can also link your Paytm Wallet and transfer it from there, if you have an account in a good bank, then you can also add your account. You can, but before adding an account, you people have to keep some special things in mind, which let us tell you, with the help of which money will be transferred to your account.

It is very important to have a PAN card in your bank account.
You should also know the IFSC code of your bank

Just send these two addresses, which you should know and you will not have any problem, the money will come in your account.

If you guys are having any problem then you can definitely get me resolved by writing a letter to me and you can also send me a letter by email and if you want to contact directly, you can still use the contact form. You can contact me through no problem I will do our best to respond to your email as soon as I get your email What happens so many emails come in so often I can’t pay attention but still try to answer all questions

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